There is nothing more powerful, nothing more real, nothing more steeped in unlimited possibility than this very moment.

 And it's gone.

The moment may taunt you as you play it safe or it may lure you in as you choose to risk that bold move to evolve yet closer to your true potential.

And it's gone again.

As an artist, I struggle with the moment. I worship it. And commit to remain ever vigilant of its power and potential. And I fail. And get back up. And fail again. 

My relationship with the moment IS my art. My world is a paradox. Cruel yet kind. Hideous yet beautiful. Oppressive yet liberating. Reality is and will continue to be defined by each and every individual’s lens. As an artist, my lens is always shifting, as inspiration is a wily beast, impossible to tame.

I find inspiration in the possibility of humanity. Despite the fact that some of us continue to blow each other up and condemn that which we don't understand, more people than ever are open to understanding others' varying perspectives. When hope fades it instantly renews with the realization that humanity continues to evolve.


I was born in New Haven, CT. to an odd couple; an existential painter and a social worker. Dad was a professor of Abstract Expressionism at Pratt and would speak at length of how rich life was amidst the inventive and passionate creatives he rubbed elbows with - artists like Rothko, Warhol, Pollack, Dekooning, Johns, etc. My childhood was anything but casual. At nine, I identified with Max, of "Where the Wild Things Are". When chaos arose, my imagination would seize control and take me on voyages through sun-blasted hills, or carry me into the night on the wings of a silent owl. 

A self-taught artist, after years of bending my creativity to work in advertising, design, and magazine publishing, I worked with a brilliant art director who helped me to realize my visual longings. Thus was born an intoxicating compulsion to create original art. Now residing in Northern California, I create works that explore the liberating authenticity of imperfection while seeking to inspire change by provoking new perspectives. All of this is done with an end goal: to evoke the realization that if we make the commitment to remain CURIOUS, ultimate CHOICE exists in every moment.